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Donny The Defender

I ran into a Don Quixote sculpture in Palm Springs when I was about 8 years old and thought that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I ran into him a few years ago while on vacation. It triggered me to start building my vision. When I was in junior high school I had the music teacher tell me to shut up and just sit in the corner and not sing because I was so tone deaf. I understand im not a pleasant singer, but it sure squelches an artist, we are sensitive as artists. I'm just one story, I've heard a number of them from folks like me.  I'm just a big fan of keeping the Arts in school so kids can find a passion they can carry for life, into all aspects of life.

This all leads to the sculpture I built with ideas of raising awareness and funds to keep Arts alive in schools.

Donnie the defender has a quixotic mission to save the Arts in schools. Is 100 recycled materials he's over eight feet tall (9'6"at the paint brush tip) roughly 500 pounds. Donny is an active defender to help prevent the loss of Arts in schools, children need to learn of Arts and have an opportunity to find their creative side. Donnie represents the three classic arts, music painting and sculpture. His goal is to raise awareness for arts in school. Donny has eyes of glass so his vision will always be clear. He has no ears so we can hear neither praise nor condemnation which would affect the outcome of his mission, he has no mouth because words are weak. My goal for Donnie would be to help to raise money for arts and awareness to keep children with the chance to find their passion.

Donny The Defender
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