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Jeff works with Wood, Metal and Glass. He enjoys finding the right combination of balance and aggression with his masterpieces. Every piece is hand crafted with beautiful natural resources. The materials speak to Jeff, which helps him in his creative process. Some pieces take years to perfect. 

Jeff uses many different types of repurposed wood. Varying from domestic and exotics, all mainly scraps from his Cabinet Making Business. All different kinds of wood from Macasser Ebony, Koa, Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Blood Wood, Figured Maple, African Walnut, to name a few. He prefers odd angles on his wooden pieces, enjoying non traditional ways of working with the wood. Finding the imperfections and accentuating their beauty is his speciality.

The Metal pieces are what take the most time and energy. Every piece of scrap metal is chosen based on how it "feels" to Jeff, and some take years to find the proper pieces to finish. He MIG Welds all of the scrap Iron. When Jeff was a kid he learned to weld, in between working for a Carpenter. Measuring and positioning is very important with welding and dealing with metal. He often fuses different elements into his Metal Pieces making them multi-dimensional and incredible.

The method he uses with the glass is called Slumped Glass. Melting all sorts of recycled glass together in a precise way so they meld. He uses a Kiln to melt and fuse the glass together. Many broken items have become beautiful pieces of art. It becomes a game of chance sometimes when melting different kinds of recycled glass together, which makes all the more fun.




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